Chaos and Order

Tom Chizek
2 min readSep 3, 2021
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I spent what felt like an epoch actively watching the universe unfold, micromanaging the creation and destruction of pre-matter fundamental particles. The cooling of the universe to an energy density that could be called temperature, where quarks could be bound by gluons forming protons and neutrons. Finally, the universe’s energy density dropped enough that protons, electrons, and neutrons spontaneously formed hydrogen. However, since the energy density was high enough that pockets of fusion formed, creating small amounts of helium along with higher energy pseudo-sun pockets within the already high energy early universe.

It took a while to notice, but I was spending enough attention micromanaging that I was not paying attention to what was happening with the universe as a whole. I pulled back to notice that actual stars were forming on the edges of expanding space, and I had missed the creation of the first heavier elements. I needed to have some help. If I had, a body I would have grinned widely. I knew exactly what I needed, and with a thought, I formed two pockets of dreams into entities and willed them to life.

You are Order, and you are Chaos, I declared. You are to keep the balance in this universe. You are partners in keeping this universe from descending into perfect static order or insane chaos. You are to watch over this universe and alert me if you find anything beyond your ability to solve. Now, go, create balance, and with that, the first of the ancient gods were made.

To be continued…