Distract Them

Tom Chizek
1 min readSep 8, 2021
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At a private party, sometime in late 2020…

“Look, you two might be able to move your operations offshore, but I’m stuck with distribution centers here in the states. We need some kind of distraction to keep people focused on getting our profits back up and not on this damn pandemic.”

“Hey, take it easy. I’m stuck with my factories here too, and California is threatening to shut me down because of COVID. So yea, we have to do something more than our politicians can do. Any ideas?”

“Space, we could run a publicized space competition. Everybody will pay attention to that, and it would be great advertising for both our companies. It would distract from COVID and the problems you are having with the super-subway and the solar company.”

“Yes, I like it. We could both publicize our space operations and make a big deal out of sniping at each other. That works. So, how’s the divorce going, Jeff?”

“Oh, you know Elon, same old, same old….”

Fade to black…