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Tom Chizek
3 min readSep 24, 2021

Continued from ‘The Universe Grows’…

If I thought that Chaos and Order were entertaining to watch, the self-proclaimed Titans were several orders of magnitude more in every respect. Both Dream and the universal computing system had grown and expanded with Chaos and Order, along with my understanding of the universe I was creating. The growth of these two fields granted both a greater base understanding and interesting powers to the young Titans, each of whom chose an aspect of reality to guide. The oldest four Space, Destruction, Creation, and Time. But soon, between Chaos, Order, and their children, there were additional Titans, Matter, Force, Life, Death, Dimension, Magic, Love, and Hate, all vying for status in their small society. Well, small in numbers, enormous in scope since they were playing with the entire expanding universe. Creating and destroying star systems, planetary systems, galaxies, summoning creatures into being, and pitting their creations against each other across the vastness of time and space.

I am sad to admit that I enjoyed the entertainment value enough that I stood aside, manipulating and watching for eons. I didn’t think of the damage done to the creations, the universe at large, or the Titians themselves. I became like the distant manipulators I hated in my mortal life. Moving lesser beings for my entertainment, because I was bored or just to see what would happen. Hundreds of millions of years passed in the universe with the Titans running rampant, myself watching and manipulating from the sidelines, some minor natural changes and advancement happening around the edges of the universe, but mostly it had become one gigantic game board for super-powered assholes.

Finally, I woke to the damage I was doing when Hate, Force, and Matter joined forces and accelerated the evolution of an entire small galaxy on the outskirts of the expanding universe. Creating a perfect storm of powered beings that began to warp and twist reality using Dimension, summoning extra-planar beings rivaling the Titans’ abilities. Essentially creating a new and competing group of deity-level powers. This wouldn’t have bothered me at all if they had been sane, or at least as rational as the Titans were. But they were not. These beings’ first action was to destroy the galaxy containing the beings that summoned them, soon…