Trump is not the problem.

Tom Chizek
4 min readOct 15, 2020

The problem is that everyone is focused on Trump like he is the problem. Trump is a symptom, admittedly a life-threatening symptom but still just a symptom. The Republican party, in general, does quietly what Trump does visibly. The only difference between Donnie boy and your average Republican politician at any level is that Donnie isn’t smart enough to be quiet about it. Or maybe he was savvy enough to see that Americans are now jaded enough to ignore anything their politicians do. The media has been conditioned with both-sides-ism enough that anything outside the norm will find something inside the norm to compare it to, making it seem legitimate.

There is no going back to normal, the entire Republican party needs to be burned to the ground and the ground salted before the Republic is safe. I am saying that as a former Republican voter and Conservative. They have gone so far to the right that without changing my stances on almost any topic, I am now a radical leftest by the current Republican yardstick. The current party and its leadership are insane, and I can not believe that anyone who pays the least attention to the real world would vote for them.
I am sorry if you are a Republican and disagree with me. You need to come out of your right-wing information bubble and recognize that there is information that conflicts with your views. I hate to be the one to break it to you, but Tucker Carleson and Sean Hannity are not the news. They are opinion and mostly lies. Fox and Friends is not news. Fox, in general, is not news. They are the propaganda arm of the Republican Party. Before you blow up, remember for a minute. In terms of the 1980s and 1990s, I am a hardcore conservative. So, think for a minute, I was conservative and listened to Hannity and Tucker before they made it big. Their shows were different. They have gotten more bug-juice crazy the more famous they have become. They are playing a part, to an audience, hell there are now official court documents saying this Tucker Lies from Fox’s law team. They say that if you believe what Tucker says, you are an idiot.


Tell me again why you watch Fox for your news?