I have watched while both traditional and non-traditional media point out the Republican Parties’ hypocrisy. I have read and written fact and opinion articles about the lies and twisted misstatements of the law that the Republican establishment and their apologists have told over the years.

I have to ask the question, are there really any rules left? The Democrats, Independents, and non-aligned voters and politicians are still following a set of rules that their opponents stopped following years ago. Any law can be broken. Any rule ignored, any tactic no matter how illegal or immoral is fair game to the Republican Party, and the people who vote for them accept the rationalization given by their private propaganda wing.

It has gotten so bad that when I watch or read any right-wing media, they all appear to be covering an alternate universe from the rest of the press. I am not just saying they are different from the mainstream US media that they are fond of calling fake. But they are different from every other media outlet on earth. I read or watch the news from Europe, Japan, Australia, Taiwan, the Middle East, and China. While much of this is filtered through translation programs either on the providers’ end or my end, it is closer to matching the mainstream media than right-wing media. There are obvious propaganda stories in the expected outlets. I know that anything out of China and most sources in the Mideast are censored. But it’s bad when coverage out of Egypt matches the BBC and CNN closer than FOX news does when reporting on the USA political situation.

So, I ask the question, why have rules if one side follows them and the other side does not follow them? Where one side not only does not follow the rules but actively perverts the rules. It is past time to stop playing by rules that are being ignored by our opposition. I don’t know exactly what that means, but I’m going to think about it, and I want everyone on the left to think about it too. We must stop acting like the Right has any respect for the law or the constitution. They have repeatedly proven that they don’t. It is one thing to avoid stooping to their level, but it has gone beyond that, and I genuinely hope it’s not too late.

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