Resetting the Universe.

Tom Chizek
1 min readOct 11, 2021
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Continued From…

I chose a different option. That of reducing the Titans from sapient personifications of fundamental forces to sapient reflections of fundamental forces. The forces themselves becoming only forces. Much as I had done with Dimension, Dream, and Akasha, these being forces that permeated the universe and were influenced by sapients but never sapient themselves. I reformed the Titans to influence and guide the forces they formerly embodied, giving them great but not unlimited power over these forces. Removing their ability to create other sapients spontaneously, they could manipulate and guide but never create from nothing. I also made each parallel reality hold its version of each titan except for Order and Chaos. These two stayed across all realities of my universe. This change limited the scope of possible damage that any single war of titans could inflict on the universe as a whole.

The entire set of changes took a subjective eon, at least as long as my original creation had taken. All held within me, making the change, then finally releasing it and feeling the ripple of change across all of the vast parallel realities that make up my universe.

And time resumed…

To be continued…