The Universe Grows

Tom Chizek
2 min readSep 8, 2021
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Having Chaos and Order around was fascinating. They kept squabbling over what to do with matter and energy. While I watched, interested both in what they would come up with and in the underlying particle interactions. To my eye, the most exciting things were the fields and particles that had not existed in my previous universe. The parts of my universe that I termed magic, mana, dimension, and dream. Things that were both layered on and interwoven with the standard model of physics I was familiar with. Things that expanded the scope of physics but at the same time allowed things that would be impossible in my previous existence. But maybe that is just because of what I am now. I will just have to wait to see what physical beings evolve in this universe.

After several hundred thousand years of letting my children play with their new toys, I gently prodded them to stop fighting. To finally let matter clump into larger than molecule-sized objects so that the universe could progress. As much fun as it was to watch the two of them play with changing fundamental particles into various elements. Then sticking them together to see what happened, nothing would progress unless the changes happened naturally, not under a deity’s control. So with a pout, they changed all the matter back to the state it had been at the beginning of playtime and agreed to limit their interference to minor corrections and tweaks.

Soon after this, stars, star systems, planetary systems, and galaxies began to form. Also, around this time, Order and Chaos discovered sex. Oh, and being omniscient is not fun when your children begin having sex constantly. Within a few hundred thousand years, I had grandchildren, then great-grandchildren.

The age of the titans had begun.

To be continued…