Okay, I am just a computer scientist who thinks about physics because I write science fiction and computer games that use physics. But I had always assumed that real astrophysicists had their act together when it came to theories. That when they said they needed “Dark Matter” to explain some reactions in space, they knew what they were talking about. Then some of them published a paper that made me say, “what the hell are you jokers thinking.” …


I was shocked by the responses to last week’s Insurrection in Washington, DC. Not that it happened, I have been predicting that event or something like it for more than five years. But, by everyone’s response to the attack on our democracy. The news people and politicians seemed shocked that anyone would “protest” inside the capital building. They expressed shock and outrage at the “protesters” “going too far” with their “protest.”

In other words, the mainstream media and politicians did what they always do when it is white men doing the rioting, shooting, killing, raping, or attacking the countries values…



One of my ongoing issues with writing Unity games and programs, in general, is that most of my game ideas involve massive data. Usually, massive online data, because of this, I spent several weeks investigating and experimenting with ways of accessing both databases and online data using Unity. I will try to cover the highlights of my investigations in this article.

Fair warning, this is all still in the experimental stage for me. I have successfully done the basic framework of what I am discussing in this article. …


This is not a happy article; this is not a fun article. It started with a simple question on a website I read for fun. But the answer I came up with and the realization I had was not fun.

The question was the simple one “If history doesn’t follow rules, so we can’t predict the future, why should we study it?”

I had a relatively simple answer, it does follow the rules, and if you look at past historical trends, you can apply lessons to current problems. Then I thought about it a bit more. Realizing that I have…



This is a different type of topic for my articles. I usually restrict myself to software and project topics. However, I follow and keep up to date with computer hardware news and new developments. That is the topic I am going to discuss in this article.

If you haven’t been immersed in the computer hardware world for the last ten years, you have missed quite a bit of corporate drama and maneuvering. At the beginning of the decade, there were two big players in the CPU market, AMD and Intel. However, AMD failed badly with its CPUs at the start…



I am by nearly any measure an old programmer. I have been writing software in one form or another since the 1970s. Sure there are people out there who have been doing this longer than I have, but frankly, not many compared to the population of people who write software. So when I say I have learned some programming environments and frameworks over my time writing software, you can take it that I am not talking about one or two. I am talking about more than twenty. I have learned some odd language, framework, environment sets in my time. For…

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One of the ongoing jokes is the youngster in school asking, “Why do I need to take math? I’ll never use it!” It is persistent because it is true. I know that I heard it from other people when I was in school. I heard friends of my kids say it, and I probably said it more than once.

Well, I was wrong, and all of you who think or say this are wrong too. There are many adult answers I could give you. Things that will only matter when you are old like me. But these types of arguments…

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I have seen several videos and articles lately that propose the ideal that Object-Oriented Programming as a skill should be ignored, or at very least deemphasized. In many of these cases, what they were objecting to was the bad object, interface, or inheritance design, along with the objection that OOP is hard. Well, sure, it’s hard to get right, but so are programs. It’s easy as hell to write a piece of software that fulfills the obvious requirements for the average case. What is hard is writing software that also covers the unstated requirements for the edge cases, then test…


I have watched while both traditional and non-traditional media point out the Republican Parties’ hypocrisy. I have read and written fact and opinion articles about the lies and twisted misstatements of the law that the Republican establishment and their apologists have told over the years.

I have to ask the question, are there really any rules left? The Democrats, Independents, and non-aligned voters and politicians are still following a set of rules that their opponents stopped following years ago. Any law can be broken. …

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The more I read the unfiltered requests from people hiring software freelancers, the more I realize how much of a disservice the tech industry has done for the World. There seems to be an impression that software is synonymous with the user interface, that one or two freelancers can duplicate the most complex system in a couple of weeks.

Every week I see several requests on various freelance sites to develop “sites that are just like…” fill in any successful site here. LinkedIn, Amazon, Spotify, QuickBooks are all popular targets, that or mobile apps that duplicate their functionality.

Then there…

Tom Chizek

Software Engineer by day, Novelist by night

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